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The happiness of our employees, customers, communities in our areas of operation, the producers of our food, workers in our extended supply chain, – the happiness of all stakeholders in our ecosystem matters to us. As India's premier retail player and one of India's leading home-grown business houses, Future Group is present across the value chain, through millions of customers and thousands of suppliers.

Over the last couple of years, the Future Group through its retail, food and apparels businesses has created opportunities in India's cities and towns - providing employment and impacting at least a million lives – employees, workers, producers and consumers, this in itself has been instrumental in driving economic growth and have contributed significantly to social inclusion.

With fair wages and benefits, opportunities for development and growth, and a better working environment, the Future Group's modern retail business has created many more income generation avenues to individuals with lower education levels or from the unorganized sectors than most alternatives available.

The Group has contributed significantly to women's empowerment through Big Bazaar's platform 'Yatra'. This has provided women from self-help groups across Maharashtra with an opportunity to market their food and non-food products. This has also encouraged them branch off from self-help groups and start their own micro-enterprises, helping them profit directly from their association with Future Group.

Recognizing the potential to address economic inequality and accomplish other objectives that contribute to inclusive growth, Future Group has spread its reach deeper into rural India.

At Future Group, inclusive growth and sustainability are at the core of our business strategy, this is our focus as we partner with stakeholders to build a new India.


"Happiness matters"- a thought that guided us as we developed our sustainability framework. Our vision is: "Striving to grow responsibly, and achieve our dual goal of a happy environment and society, both of which are necessary ingredients for long term business growth. Future Group focusses on four key areas to drive sustainability values though our business:

  • Responsible Products and Services
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Responsible supply chain
  • Happy Communities

The underlying thought as we approach each key focus area is to Create, Connect and Collaborate.

Create: Innovate, develop, procure, manufacture products that address social and environmental concerns and provide services efficiently and responsibly
Connect: Engage with all stakeholders we impact to develop and harness opportunities that help create a better world
Collaborate: Generate value as we integrate sustainability concerns and sustain for the long term

We are in the process of evolving our Goals 2021 sheet, our areas of impact are:

  • Positively impacting lives of employees and workers, particularly contract, migrant and women workers in operations and in supply chains.
  • Encouraging participation of women in decision-making and governance at all levels and across all business areas.
  • Achieving access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene across operations ( WASH pledge).
  • Making packaging more environment and resource friendly.
  • Traceability of our food products, addressing sustainability concerns.
  • Ensure chemicals used in our products across businesses are environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Stores implement energy efficiency, safety and waste management programmes.

Sustainability is a journey, and we've begun in right earnest, as we take stock of our efforts, we realise that there is a lot to be done. The next few months will focus on putting in place enablers, sensitisation, measuring our impact areas, interacting with stakeholders - understand their happiness quotient, and evolving targets. We will report on significant economic, environmental and social issues in each business - the progress made, our achievements and our approach to addressing areas of concern.