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At Future Group, we make every effort to ensure our products meet the unique needs of the diverse communities we serve. It is our constant endeavour that consumers have ready access to our products in every corner of urban and rural India. We partner with over 30,000 suppliers across merchandise categories ranging from one-person shops to multinational corporations, maintaining a distinct mix that is key to our success.

At Future Group, we believe our relationship with supply partners is one of our core competitive assets. We are committed to creating successful business partnerships built on mutual trust, transparency, fair business practices and respect across our entire value chain. We strive to create a win-win situation for our customers and partners by combining our strengths and capabilities and developing micro-enterprise models.

From sourcing to distribution, we engage with varied business partners, jointly sharing insights, promoting brands, creating new products, expanding our capacity and developing new markets. Our businesses create economic benefits for all our partners, including our suppliers and distributors.

Our Sambandh program aims to foster an environment combining our strengths to create immense value for our partner suppliers and, in turn, nurture mutual growth. Our strategic objective is to grow responsibly while enhancing the livelihoods of our partners.

  • There are three main aspects of the Sambandh program:
    • Our Sambandh program aims to foster an environment combining our strengths to create immense value for our supplier partners and in turn, nurture mutual growth.

      Our suppliers are key players who spot and capture consumer trends. We strongly believe that our vision of serving every Indian consumer will be realized if we abide by our dictum of "Valuing and Nurturing Relationships" with our partners and suppliers. If we succeed in creating this troika of Future Group-Supplier-Consumer, we will succeed in serving every need of our customers.

      There are three main aspects of the Sambandh program:

      Collaborating in business planning and management to ensure optimal growth
        • Combining our strengths to garner resources needed for expansion to meet our growth needs
        • Creating joint business plans to provide the visibility needed for planning
        • Providing access to the performance of products on a regular basis
        • Joint strategic reviews to analyse performance and arriving at decisions in a transparent manner
      Leveraging Future Group resources and making life easier for you
        • Extending Future Parivaar resources, including facilities and space
        • Information sharing
        • General assistance
      Putting our strengths together to create a unique position in the marketplace
        • Combining our strengths and creating a unique value proposition through sharing of consumer insights and product knowledge, joint brand-building, value engineering and developing new products.
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Welcoming strategic partners to join the Future Parivaar
At Future Group, we believe our supply partnerships are a critical component to our success. Our strategic partners help us provide customers with unique products and unprecedented services through collaborative development and implementation.

We ensure transparent business practices, fair pricing terms and an honest partnership with our supplier partners. Scalability of the business, consumer-led product insights and best practices along an all-India distribution reach are some of the key advantages in partnering with us.

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